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Irene Bacchus-Holder

Nominated as one of the ten finalists in the inaugural UNCTAD/EMPRETEC International Women in Business Award 2008, Irene Bacchus-Holder began her business by doing pyrography on functional items such as jewelry boxes and kitchen wares. Her first efforts, given as gifts to personal friends and family, were well received and this encouraged her to start marketing her designs.
After registering her business, Irene contracted two very enthusiastic, young graduates of the Linden Technical Institute to take care of the routine work under her close supervision. She personally designs and finishes each item. Having received very positive responses to her product line at international trade shows in Barbados, North America, England, France, Mauritius, Venezuela and a number of Caribbean countries, including Cuba and Curacao, Irene decided to target the export market.
In addition to using the plain woods to do pyrography, Irene also utilizes Guyana's beautiful wood species to create the decorative and functional items displayed here. Items may be crafted to suit your special needs. Submit your concept and Irene will discuss a practical design for a product to meet your specifications and budget.
Guyana has some of the most beautiful wood species in the world and logging companies are using just a few for commercial purposes (about 70 of over 1000 species). In their quest to harvest those few species, a lot of wastage occurs. Since the species do not grow in stands, paths have to be cleared to individual trees and species which are not needed are felled and left to rot.
Irene decided to utilize discarded species and arranged with loggers to supply her with beautiful species such as Dukaliballi, Snakewood, Itikiboraballi and Marblewood, to name a few. The natural flaws in the wood are repaired and highlighted in the product to show the naturalness of wood. This also adds a unique quality to the item.
Amazon Authentics products are made of very beautiful, rare (not endangered) species, harvested when they are discarded by commercial loggers. Due to this, items shown in the catalogue may be made in other species of wood when the wood shown is not available.
The shavings from production are used in gardens as ground cover to keep the soil moist. Linden, home town of Amazon Authentics, is located in the hilly sand and clay belt of Guyana and the white sand found here drains easily, causing plants to dry out readily in the tropical sun.

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